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Denture Patient Survey

Removable products provide what denture patients are looking for.

Real Look

Surveys show 63% of patients would pay more for a denture that looks like real teeth.

Better Fit

76% of patients would pay more for a denture that fits better.

Better Quality

71% of patients would pay more for denture that resists staining and plaque, odor absorption, and bacterial growth.

Bone Loss

The impact of Bone Loss is clearly visible and translates into an instant “Aging” of the patients face, sunken lips and cheeks, wrinkles, over closed/collapsed vertical. There is the old adage in Denture fabrication that the teeth have to be placed over the ridge. This results in the what typically is called the “Denture face” contributing to a lack of confidence, overall feeling of well-being, and willingness to be go out and be seen in public.


What is a natural looking denture? The goal when we are finished is to have your friends and family make the following statement, “There’s something different about you.” What we don’t want to hear is “I see you have new teeth”.

We accomplish this by taking the time and making the effort to gather as much information about you and what your teeth looked like prior to them being lost. We then determine what you want as your final restoration and develop our game plan to achieve the desired end results.


A well designed partial will last for years unless there is tooth loss or bone loss due to periodontal issues. Depending on the health of the remaining dentition these changes should be taken into consideration.

Understanding the requirements for the partial is the key. There are several options that need to be taken into account when considering a partial as your final solution.

Implant Supported Denture

Eventually most dentures will become unstable because of ridge resorption. Fortunately there is an implant supported option that greatly improves this unstable situation. Considering implants as a way to stabilize your denture has many benefits.

  • Dental implants can reduce sore spots and irritation.
  • They can be removed for cleaning.
  • Much better stability during biting, chewing and speaking.
  • Implants also transmit forces from the denture to the bone reducing bone loss.
75% of denture wearers would have chosen implant treatment earlier if they had been informed of the significant effects of bone loss and the aging effects.


Hybrids combine traditional dentures or partials with implants, for a solid natural feel ... like your original teeth.

Understanding what the desired endpoint is, a fixed “screwed in” that’s Dr. removable, something solid/locked but Patient removable, or just something that help to stabilize their denture/partial, we can then reverse engineer the process. Understanding where the teeth need to be at the end helps to provide an idea of what we can do.

Services and Options

What is a Denturist?

A denturist is a licensed professional dedicated solely to providing removable full and partial dentures to their patients. Denturists are an important part of the community of dental care providers, and have been serving the public in Oregon since 1979.

While you can go directly to a denturist for treatment without a referral from another health care practitioner, most denturists make every effort to develop close working relationships with dentists and oral surgeons to ensure that their patients receive the best oral health care possible.

Payment Policy

What is “Fee-for-Service” Dentistry?

Here’s what the reasoning behind fee-for-service really is, and how it can benefit the care you receive.

Quality Over Quantity
This measure allows denturists to utilize the highest quality labs and materials, rather than having to select lower-quality facilities in order to meet cost restrictions. As a result, patients will be able to receive excellent care that isn’t restricted by an insurance carrier’s contract.

Payment at the Time of Service
A fee-for-service denturist may request payment one of two ways: having the patient pay for their services in full at the time of treatment (to be reimbursed directly by their insurance carrier) or paying half down at the beginning of the treatment and the balance upon completion.

About Us

At Innovative Dentures and Hybrids we are focused on delivering outstanding products and services to our customers. As we move forward we will be developing a long term relationship. Remember your last car buying experience, there are the high pressure sales tactics “what can I do to make the sale today” and on the opposite end of the spectrum, “lets figure out what you need and want”. Our focus in on the higher end market rather than the entry level market, this is because the higher end consumer has certain expectations in mind, they know what they want!

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Innovative Denture and Hybrid, LLC
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  • I want to thank Dr. Dave Lindsay and his Office Manager Dawn Lindsay for all the help they gave me in replacing my upper and lower set of dentures. After over 40 years of wearing the same set, I want to thank Dr. Dave for making me so comfortable and relaxed through the whole process and Dawn for making the dental claim so easy for me to take care of. Thank you both.

    Dorthy G. Rasmussen
    Medford, Oregon
  • Dave and Dawn are wonderful. Dave is so particular in getting a great look and good fit; all the while being of good humor and helpfulness. Thank you both for your kindness.

    Ashland, Oregon
  • David Lindsay & Dawn at Innovative Denture & Hybrid are the most compassionate, kind, & understanding folks! Excellent customer service too & very thorough at explaining every detail from beginning to end of fitting & making my denture...I think of it as David’s masterpiece! Thank you so very much David & Dawn!

    Janet Engle
    Jacksonville, OR

Some Numerical Data on Denture Wearers

Have kept their dentures a secret

Said wearing dentures affects their career

Lack confidence in business meetings

Have avoided going on job interviews

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